12 Short Hikes Near Lake Placid

Front coverNot all visitors to Lake Placid have the time, stamina, or desire to climb Mount Marcy. Thus Lost Pond Press collaborated with the Adirondack Explorer newsmagazine to publish a pocket-size guidebook that describes a dozen short hikes in the Lake Placid region. The destinations include small mountains, lookouts, and backcountry ponds, all with splendid views of the High Peaks. Most of the hikes take a few hours, but some are longer.

In addition, the book includes a bonus chapter on the Saranac Lake 6 challenge: hikers can earn a patch from the village of Saranac Lake for climbing six local peaks. Three of these peaks are among the dozen featured in the main section of the book. The other three were either too far from Lake Placid or too big to fit our criteria, but these are covered in the bonus chapter. Thus, the book described 15 hikes in all.

12 Short Hikes Near Lake Placid sells for just $9.75. Nancie Battaglia, a celebrated photographer from Lake Placid, took most of the photos. Nancy Bernstein, a local artist, drew most of the maps. The text was written by Phil Brown, editor of the Explorer.

Click here to purchase the book from the Adirondack Explorer.