OR’s Sensor Dry Pocket protects gadgets in the wild

When I was researching my guidebook Adirondack PaddlingI delighted in being unplugged from civilization. Getting away from it all has always been part of the allure of the wilderness.

OR's Sensor Dry Pocket for the iPad.

OR’s Sensor Dry Pocket for the iPad and other tablets.

As a guidebook author, though, I was not going into the wild just for pleasure. I was working, and on a few occasions I brought my iPad along  so I could use Audubon apps to assist me in identifying birds and flowers.

I wouldn’t have risked bringing such a valued electronic gadget on a canoe trip if I didn’t have Outdoor Research’s Sensor Dry Pocket designed for tablets.

Although I didn’t dare test the claim with my iPad inside, OR says the Dry Pocket is submersible. It was enough for me that the storage bag protected the device from the inevitable splashes of water that enter your canoe when you’re paddling any distance.

The bag is made of stiff waterproof nylon, with a clear (and touch-sensitive) window for operating the iPad. There also is a headphone jack if you want to listen to, say, the bird sounds on your Audubon app. Once you insert the tablet in the bag, you roll the top closed as with traditional dry bags and seal it with a zip-lock seam.

To be honest, I rarely brought my iPad on canoe trips, but many people bring their cell phones on outdoor excursions. Lucky for them, OR makes the Sensor Dry Pocket in three sizes, including one for the iPhone and other smart phones.

I can say with confidence that, after an arduous day in the wild, the iPad Dry Pocket works great when you’re soaking in a bathtub doing crosswords or reading the news.

The Sensor Dry Pockets start at $25. You can find more information on OR’s website.





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