More praise for ‘River’s Tale’

River Tales front cover finalThe Adirondack Daily Enterprise ran a review today of The River’s Tale, a  novel by Michael Virtanen set largely in the Adirondacks. It’s a prequel to his award-winning first novel, Within a Forest Dark.

We figured it’d be a favorable review as soon as we saw the headline: “Strong characters, plot propel ‘River’s Tale.’”

Here’s how the writer summed up the book: “This is Michael Virtanen’s second novel, following his 2007 ‘Within a Forest Dark.’ His books are well-plotted and his characters real. The three major characters in ‘The River’s Tale’ are both familiar and individualized. Alison is not the first woman who has to flee a violent jerk; LaFleur is not the first woodsy philosopher we’ve met; Lottie is not the first isolated, cantankerous naturalist. But Virtanen’s characters are not just types. They are people, and the reader learns to care about them. ‘The River’s Tale’  is like a ride down a river we’ve been on before – providing both familiar sights and surprises around the bend.”

There’s much more to the review. Click here to read it in full.


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